Cheers to a Year of Aroma

To my dear 600,000 or so followers,

My apologies for not blogging for a period of time. When one spends most of the day looking at a screen for work purposes, he or she or they or xi may not have the energy to look at a screen any longer. I am not sure how one blogs without looking at a screen.

Anyway, happy 2023 my dear 600,000 or so.

For me 2023 will be a smelly year.

You see, my wife bought me some soap at one of those warehouse stores where they sell in bulk. Want a bun? Well, you can buy a bag of 36 Kaiser rolls. Need a wiener in the bun? Well, you can buy a pack of 48 sausages. But then you would need a dozen more Kaiser rolls for all the sausages and they only come in a package of 36. So you buy more and then you’d have 72 rolls. But then you’d need some more sausages. Another pack of 48 makes 96 sausages. But you’d only have 72 rolls. So you buy another pack of 36 and now you’d have 108 Kaiser rolls. You would need to buy another pack of sausages to fill the rolls. Another pack of 48 makes 144 sausages. But you’d only have 108 rolls. So you’d buy another pack of 36 bringing your total number of Kaiser rolls to 144 to equal the total number of sausages.

Back to the soap, which you’ll need now more than ever because after consuming 144 sausages, the meat smell will be seeping from your pores. So my wife bought me some soap at this warehouse store and because they sell in bulk, instead of 3 bars of soap, she bought like 60 bars of soap. Now for years, I have been using this nice, gentle, mild soap for my sensitive skin. I also have a powerful sniffer and I’m sensitive to strong smells. So this soap I have been using for years, which I do not want to name because I’m not always a fan of product placement in blogs, so I’ll call this soap Ebony, this Ebony soap that I’ve been using for years does not have a strong smell, so not only is it nice for my sensitive skin, it is nice for my sensitive sniffer too. Obviously, that’s why I’ve been using Ebony for so many years.

My wife said she did not see Ebony at this warehouse store where they sell packages of 36 Kaiser rolls and packages of 48 sausages. So she bought a package of 60 bars of another kind of soap, let’s call it Pigeon.

Let me tell you: Pigeon is not the same as Ebony. Whereas Ebony is mildly scented, Pigeon is not. It’s all perfumey. It may not be the most perfumey of the soaps, but it is definitely more perfumey than I and my sensitive sniffer are used to. And I have 60 bars of the stuff!

It will be an aromatic year indeed.

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